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BAM! Devs Offer Guidance, Student Engagement

The BAM! development team at Pop Art are passionate about helping up and coming coders learn the skills needed to enter the world of software development and offered some wide-ranging advice to students looking to build a career in this field. Pick a stack (a set of technologies and tools used to create and run […]


4 Ways to Measure ROI for Your Mobile Sales Tool

Getting Started with Integrated Sales Enablement If you’re in the market for a mobile sales tool, you may have noticed that any good solution includes a mobile sales app. This brings sales and marketing closer. This technology has the potential to simplify how things are done, save time, and make selling a lot easier. Still, it takes time […]


4 Ways Mobile Sales Tools Can Increase Customer Engagement

“You will never see eye-to-eye if you never meet face-to-face.” – Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Tools that make your business relationships stronger In sales, in order to increase customer engagement account reps have traditionally relied on face to face communications. Sales people have met with prospects and customers in person to build long-term relationships. Unfortunately, reps cannot easily […]


What is Sales Enablement?

In Search of Technology that Enables Sales Success Sales Enablement is on the rise – but what is it, exactly? The definition of sales enablement is a bit of a moving target. Ask ten different marketing people what it means to them and you might get ten different answers. Each company has its own perspective, and rightfully so. How […]


What is BAM?!

Give your sales and marketing teams the edge. BAM! is designed to let companies quickly deliver the right product and marketing content to their sales networks via mobile device — any time, anywhere. Even offline.