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Why Sales Productivity is Low and What to Do About It

How much of their time do your sales reps spend selling each week, on average? Surprisingly, in most organizations, sales reps spend more, MUCH more, of their time on activities other than selling. In fact, across all industries sales people only spend  34% of their time selling. Why exactly is this happening, and what can be […]


Now Available: User-Generated Content

As the Pop Art team gathered the initial requirements for what we wanted to see in BAM!, one feature that came up again and again in our discussions was User-Generated Content (UGC). What’s UGC? It’s a way for MST users in the field to upload images and videos to BAM! UGC is a great way […]


Is your Sales Software working for you?

One thing is clear: there are a lot of sales software options available. However, these solutions aren’t created equal. Beyond technical aspects and basic features, there are things that can take sales software from good to great. Is your sales software working for you? Keep reading to discover things that we think your organization should […]


What makes Sales Enablement Software a great investment?

Recently, BAM! was named the easiest sales enablement software to use by G2 crowd. Real users from many organizations use BAM! to supercharge their sales efforts and find success. Knowing this, the question becomes: what makes sales enablement software a great investment? How do you know that sales enablement software will increase sales and how […]


Pop Art Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Oregon

Each year, Oregon Business Magazine ranks the top 100 companies to work for in Oregon in three headcount-sized categories – small (15 to 34 employees), medium (35 to 99 employees) and large (100 or more employees). Using various measures including the quality of its leadership team, company culture, office environment, work life balance, benefits and […]


What is BAM?!

Give your sales and marketing teams the edge. BAM! is designed to let companies quickly deliver the right product and marketing content to their sales networks via mobile device — any time, anywhere. Even offline.