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An end to the “file wars?” Two simple folder structures to help you take control of digital assets and how they are distributed

Have a plan to stop the “file wars” Digital Asset Management (DAM) software offers many benefits!  The most visible business impact comes when digital assets are efficiently organized, stored, and optimized for secure and easy retrieval. In order to recognize these benefits, it is vital to invest an appropriate amount of time in planning before […]


Why Sales Productivity is Low and What to Do About It

How much of their time do your sales reps spend selling each week, on average? Surprisingly, in most organizations, sales reps spend more, MUCH more, of their time on activities other than selling. In fact, across all industries sales people only spend  34% of their time selling. Why exactly is this happening, and what can be […]


Now Available: User-Generated Content

As the Pop Art team gathered the initial requirements for what we wanted to see in BAM!, one feature that came up again and again in our discussions was User-Generated Content (UGC). What’s UGC? It’s a way for MST users in the field to upload images and videos to BAM! UGC is a great way […]