From "no pay time" to "pay time" — practical tips to increase selling time for your reps

Did you know that sales people only spend 34% of their time selling?

In the modern day sales profession, reps are asked to do more than ever. Unfortunately, what they are being asked to do and how they are being asked to do it leads to distraction from what really moves the needle - selling activity. The end result is more stress and lower production. 
In this 33-minute webinar, join Pop Art CEO Tom Paul as he explores the biggest challenge facing professional sales people to day - and offers a structured approach to overcome it. 
In this webinar you will learn:
  • Why sales reps spend so little time actually selling (and how they are spending the other 66% of their time).
  • Simple, but effective strategies to increase selling time for reps.
  • The difference between Pay Time and No Pay Time and how to stay on the right side of the Trouble Line.

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