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We help manufacturers simplify selling for dealers and distributors.

BAM!® offers a consistent selling process that guides your reps and ramps them up in half the time.

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Easy to use, always up-to-date.

Deliver sales tools that give your team the edge. BAM! enables product marketers to deliver the content, guidance, and training Sales need to effectively engage buyers, wherever they are. Even offline.

"BAM! allows us to keep our large and very mobile Sales team up-to-date with the latest Marketing assets no matter where they are. This is saving us a ton of time!"
Laurie R
Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Align your teams in real-time.

With customizable news updates and your entire product catalog, marketing materials and pricing sheets organized and instantly updated across the app, your team will never be stuck with outdated products or pricing information again.

"I love BAM! because it gives me the ability to distribute information to marketing or sales. The product is intuitive, very simple and easily accessible to users. I can cancel, update and republish instantly and those changes are immediately reflected at the user level."
Shyanne H
Creative Strategist

BAM! is your mobile product showroom.

Enable your team to send videos, PDFs, Excel sheets, Word docs, and more to customers with the click of a button. Fully-customizable product walkthroughs, cost calculators and product comparison features make product pitches and negotiations impactful and effective.

"BAM! helps me give my Sales Rep data at their fingertips and the ability for them to use it in their prospects' offices with the click of a button. Great tool for your staff to use customized materials in the field. Easy to use and maneuver through."
Marie P
Client Relations Director

Cut training time in half.

With BAM! you can get your your sales reps ramped up and selling faster. New hires can hit the ground running with access to all the latest company and product information right in the palm of their hands, allowing them to present client solutions on the fly.

“The BAM! sales app is incredibly easy to use. In fact, we’ve cut down training from three days to less than an hour. Now we can walk new reps through the app once, then set them free to sell. We love it!”
Katherine B
Digital Content & eCommerce Specialist

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